About Us

Welcome to our About Us page have a read about our website and team

We are a small team of four who work very hard to bring you information about Instagram that may aid you in some way or another. We try our best to bring information to you once a month making sure it’s only vital and important information that you read and that WILL also help you gain followers and fast. The best thing about our service which we offer is that it’s totally free so by adding us to your favourites you can visit us every couple of weeks to check if there is any other useful information that may help you.

If you feel that our site is missing some critical information then get in contact and we will get the information added as soon as possible assuming it is required and helpful to other users on our site.

We are a non-profit business so any sharing with friends and family is greatly appreciated!

We are looking to create a reward system for the most amount of visitors you can bring to our site, the winner will receive a FREE package of Instagram followers without completing any Human verification. We will update you on this in a couple of weeks when we have finalised the system.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to add us to your favourites and spread the word!